Q.  How do I get a Monitored System?

Its Simple. You can either call our office directly toll free 1-
888-359-3844 , or simply click for a free quote.
Q. What comes with the basic system?

A. The "basic" system consists of:
3 door / window contacts, 1 interior motion detector, 1 remote
keyfob, interior sounder, keypad, control panel with back up
battery, 5 window decals, and 1 Monitronics yard sign
Frequently Asked Questions
Below are a few common questions we get asked at All Star Alarms.
Q. How does alarm monitiorning work?

A. When we activate your security system, alarm
monitoring is a 24 hour, 7 days a week protection
service. When one of your alarms sensors are
triggered by an event such as a break-in, your alarm
signals the Monitronics Central Alarm Monitoring
Station.  The proper authorities are then notified.  
Depending on the alarm, you may be called before
Q. What is "interactive service"?

A. Interactive service means that you can view activities from your
smart phone.  You can be alerted when your system is
armed/disarmed or has been violated.  You would also be able to
arm/disarm your system from your smart phone.  You can also
purchase cameras and be able to view the camera activity from your
smart phone.  

Visit our Products Page for an interactive demo
Q.  What if I already have a system in my home?

A.  As long as you are not under any agreement with
another company, we would still be able to help you.
 We may be able to use some or all of the equipment
that is already in the home.
Q.  What happens if I move?

A. If you’re moving to a home without an alarm system, we’ll
get you set up with a new system for FREE:

Receive a new 3-1-1 system valued at over $850 (includes 3
door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor and 1 keypad, plus a

FREE installation and activation

PLUS, get 25% off all upgrades
All you have to do is agree to keep the service you trust and
renew your contract for its original term. Your monthly rate
will remain the same (unless you choose to add additional
Q. Can I save money on my homeowners insurance
with having an alarm system?

A. Yes, some insurance companies provide up to a
20% discount on your homeowners insurance.  
Typically you should expect a 10-15% reduction.

After your system is installed, All Star Alarms can
send the required document to your insurance
agent. You will also get a copy of installation.
Q.  What if I don't have a landline?

A. We would install a cell unit that would transmit
signals to the Monitronics Central Station.  This
may be the best way to go because more and
more people are getting rid of their landlines or
switching phone providers.
Q.  What happens if I have pets with a motion

A. The motion detector installed is "pet immune"
up to 80 lbs.  In situations where there are
larger or a lot of pets, we can design a system to
fit your needs.
We offer a pet immune motion detector
Q. What about my windows?

A. Statistics have proven that bad guys come through
doors most of the time.  They are easy targets.  That
is why you would want to protect all entry doors and
have a motion detector as a back up in case they
enter through the windows.  There are, however,
ways to protect windows with perimeter protection
such as contacts or glassbreaks.
Q.  What happens if my system breaks down?

A. Just call All Star Alarms, and  we will take care of
the issue.  You will receive a call to schedule within
24 hours.  Remember, parts and labor will be
* Protect your home  * Protect your business  * Protect your family *
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